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Me My Relationships And I

Feb 17, 2021

Shannon Algeo is a celebrated speaker, writer and life coach.  In this episode he speaks openly and truthfully about his journey to spiritual growth and his first book Trust your truth.  You can also  hear him on his popular Podcast SoulFeed

There is so much to learn and to takeaway from this episode, it's full of...

Feb 11, 2021

My guest today is intuitive healer and manifestation coach Shanna Lee, we talk about changing direction in life and how to embark on your spiritual journey without it being too daunting. And how to tune into your soul frequency. 

Find Shanna's  Podcast "The Soul Frequency Show" here:

Feb 1, 2021

My Guest in this episode is Suze Yalof Schwartz the Founder and CEO of the Unplug Meditation App and the world’s first secular meditation studio. The App allows you to feel good the easy way. It is full of short, inspirational and effective meditation for every situation.

To find out more about the Unplug App:

Feb 1, 2021

In this episode we explore how hitting rock bottom can lead to finding your true self and ultimately saving ourselves, with the incredible spiritually connected Instagram star and author of the sensational book Inward - Yung Pueblo  (Revised edit)

Buy Yung's book "Inward" here:

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